June! Happy Father’s Day

Wasn’t that interesting to find out yesterday on

that it took a woman who knew about Mother’s Day to think of creating Father’s Day.

I love the way one thing leads to another.

Here is an idea! July could be set up for Parents Day. As we have evolved as a culture, we all know that most of us have lost the “villages” that parents used to have around them for support. Once again a situation that is not so easy!

Keeping up with the times, it sure makes sense to have a day to honor parents and the amazing way they work together on behalf of their children. Some parents make up the whole village by themselves. Others are leaders of villages they have put together. Still others are lucky enough to be a part of their original ones. However, no matter the individual situation, it sounds like just the right time to highlight parents and all the wonderful things they do together (or alone) for and with their children.

Just a thought!

~ Dr. Sally


June! the Month of the Fathers

We have half-a-month for preparation and then the second half to reap the rewards of the fruits of our labors. Today makes a great time to start a “Father’s Day Creative Table.” Get out your basic supplies of paper, pencils, markers, scissors and paste or white glue. Then add whatever frills you may have–ribbons, colorful magazines, old greeting cards, stickers and more. Stay away from glitter, if possible. It so easily gets on clothes and even in food because small pieces easily get easily embedded on fingers and are hard to get out.

Next set up another area (hidden from dad’s view) for finished products. Collect as many of these as you can for next Sunday June 15th, when you can organize what you have and use your creativity to decorate.

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