June 16th! Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to you and your family.

Thanks to a long and meaningful history, we celebrate Father’s Day today with gusto. First Sonora Louise Smart Dodd got the idea for Father’s Day in 1909. Then she was fortunate enough to see the first one celebrated in 1910. After many years of celebrations in many different ways in different places, it took until 1972 for it to officially become Father’s Day, a national holiday signed into law by President Nixon.

Here is the interesting part!

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was the oldest of six children who were raised by their father after their mother died during childbirth. She thought of the idea to honor fathers after listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in church.

Thank you Sonora!

In the past, when many dads were treated like substitute moms, they used to have to respond to a whole host of mom directives. Not anymore. Now there is a full, meaningful and rich role of parenting that they can fulfill solely on their own. Moms love it. Dads love it. Kids love it too.

June! Month of the Dads

Here on Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally we will continue to explore all month long this wonderful dad role which is so much appreciated by kids today! Just as we expressed for moms, one day in the year is not enough time to adequately honor them.

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