“I Can Read!” Who Said That?

Parenting Technique 46 Get ready for “I can read that by myself!”

There is a wonderful world of reading practice out there all around you. Start with letters and then go on to words. You will find these at places you frequent often with your child.

Where is the biggest letter “M” you would ever want to see? Yes, correct, right at your local McDonald’s. What is the most repeated large written word that you will come across daily? “Stop,” right on your neighborhood stop sign. How about two words together? “One way.” There are others.

Constructive Parenting…

Learning to read is a natural process that grows out of visual repetition and familiarity. By repeatedly pointing out large letters and words around you, you will help your child to become more and more interested in reading. Just as with other areas of development, you are likely to see emergence. In this case your first clue will probably be something like “I can read it by myself.“

Tradition! Choose with your child five of your favorite holiday words. Write them on index cards and place them appropriately as part of your holiday decorations this year. Here are some suggestions: Tree, Candle, Snowflake, Present, and Santa. Next is to make up games with the word cards. Make doubles for games like Concentration. You can hide the cards and have your child find them. Great fun is to mix them up and have your child put them back in their correct places.

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