Handle misbehavior like a mistake!

And it may very well be one.

Constructive Parenting…

Use these moments as a teaching time!

Did you know that your child’s behavior and your child are two separate entities? Because of that you can separate them out in your mind. When your child does something wrong, you can use this separation to help you see the problem more clearly. The best part of all this is that you won’t see your child as the problem. If you take an action against what your child has done and not against your child, you will realize that your love for him or her will remain as strong as ever. That is important!

Parenting Technique 13 – Handle misbehavior like a mistake.

Here’s how.

* First separate out the behavior from your child. Say to yourself something like, “The milk spilled… Elena spilled it.”

* Then take your action and say out loud something like, “Here Elena, take this towel and wipe up the milk.”

* Next reassure your child. You can say something as simple as “Thank you so much!”

* Last but not least, look more into the problem and find out why it happened.

Although you did not like the problem, you do love your child. Always remember, the goal is to help your child not to do this same kind of behavior again. Mistaken behavior is the best!

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