Equipment as a Help, Not a Way of Life!

Parenting Technique 53 – Spend as much positive time with your child as you can, equipment-free.

Enjoy the simple magic of a hug, hold, and a touch! 

As you know, infant seats, strollers, walkers, playpens, swings, etc. have become an indispensable part of modern life. It is not that these are bad or not to be used. It is just that these are meant to be aids for when you need them. These are helpers for those times when you cannot hold, walk with, play with, or rock your baby or young child. While equipment is helpful, do whatever you can to make time without it. Important human bonding takes place with real touching. Freedom of movement allows for personalization and true closeness.

Parenting Insight…

At the heart of parenting is the concept of building a positive relationship. As soon as your baby is born, this relationship gets a jump-start with natural love that guides you and directs you from the start. However, in today’s complicated times, there are many obstacles for this kind of love to continue. On the simplest level, adults are busy. In addition, they have all kinds of cares and concerns that distract them from being able to spend non-stop loving time with their children. Added to this are the overwhelming problems connected with poverty and divorce.

Fighting Violence!

It is easy to see that when your child is spending positive time, he or she is getting the exact anti-dote needed to prevent negativity. Your input of love, attention, and respect will impact your child forever.

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