Emergent Literacy! The R,S,&T of Parenting

Parenting Technique 45 Read, sing, and talk to your child as much as you can (the R, S, & T of parenting)!

As you read, sing, and talk to your child, you lead the way toward emergent literacy. As you point out pictures, your child develops comprehension skills. As you point out words, your child gets the idea that printed words have meaning. As you sing and talk, you build understanding.

Constructive Parenting…

Here are some fun facts! There are 100 words that are most frequently heard in the English language. These words make up 50 percent of all elementary school reading. The first ten make up 25 percent of all elementary reading. Here is the list:

the      he      at      but      there      will      some      two      my      long

of      was      be      not      use      up      her      more      than      down

and      for      this      what      an      other      would      write      first      day

a      on      have      all      each      about      make      go      water      did

to      are      from      were      which      out      like      see      been      get

in      as      or      we      she      many      him      number      call      came

is      with      one      when      do      then      into      no       who      made

you      his      had      your      how      them      time      way      oil      may

that      they      by      can      their      these      has      could      now      part

it      I      word      said      if      so      look      people      find      over

Holiday Cheer! Read, sing, and talk about the holidays.

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