December! The Month of Giving

A friend of mine told me about this idea, and I thought I would pass it on to you. Turn every day in December into a giving one. 

Give your time and energy.

Make a special kind of giving list for or with your child for this month. One person in your family might love to get something like ten hugs. Another person might enjoy receiving a homemade holiday card. Someone else could easily be delighted with a special song or poem that your child presents to him or her.

Getting presents are fine, but giving your time and energy can often be even more appreciated. While hard to think of at first, once you start making your list, your ideas will probably flow.

Holiday Tradition! Your child may be surprised to discover that the joy of this kind of holiday giving far outweighs the happiness of holiday getting. If all goes well, you and your family may end up making this kind of holiday giving list a part of every December.

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