December! The Art & Science of Giving

Teach your child the art and science of giving. No matter what else you give your child this year, be sure to include the gift of giving.

Treat your child to the idea of making his or her own “Christmas list.” Have fun together as you two figure out which loved ones should get gifts from your child and then what presents to get them.

Depending on the age of your child, you can carry this idea even further. Once you have either bought or made all the gifts, guide your child in wrapping them. One idea is to use regular wrapping paper. Another is to show your child how to enhance a brown paper roll by decorating it with different colored crayons or shiny markers. Caution: stay away from glitter. It can be too easily swallowed or even just absorbed into the skin.

Still another idea is to use old newspapers. No matter what kind of wrapping paper you choose, the process of wrapping will add an extra dimension of holiday fun for your child.


  1. This is something we are already trying to teach our kids too. We have them go through their toys and donate ones they would like other kids to play with. This post also reminded me of the great ways you can make your own Christmas wrap. I linked your article in my latest blog post. Have a great evening!

    • sally

      Hi Sara,
      Thank you so much for sharing your idea about having your children participate in selecting toys to give away to other children. Yes, “giving” is the magic word. Because so many children are focused on what they will get, they never get to experience the joy that comes from giving. I am so glad to hear that your children are reaping this reward. Merry christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! Sally


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