Color Fun with Kids!

Technique 84 – Rotate your toys by color.

Overseeing the Process of Play

In keeping with this concept of natural play, there are tricks of the trade you can learn to make the whole play process go easier.

Teach the Colors by Rotating Your Toys

One effective way to teach colors is by having colored crates for storing toys. Sort the toys by color—red ones in the red crate, blue ones in the blue, green ones in the green, and yellow in the yellow. This makes the cleanup process easier and much more fun. With toys that have more than one color, sort by the predominant one.

Because you have toys in crates, you now have an easy way to rotate them. You can take out one crate of toys once a week or every few days depending on the age and interest of your child. This rotation system will make many toys seem like new again and will help you avoid some of the extra expense of buying new toys. When you notice your child is bored, you will find rotated toys will work like new and also be much less expensive.

Adapted from Constructive Parenting by Sally Goldberg p. 96

Constructive Parenting…

This rotating concept is also excellent for simplifying the complexity of having too many toys. When all the toys are stored in a toy chest, on shelves, or in some other manner where all of them cannot be seen, they are often untouched. When they are stored in such a way that only a few are available at any one time, they are often played with much more. These crates store well side by side, one on top of another, and even under a standard-sized crib.


February! The Month of the Heart

Color games are always a success. Here are some fun ones that come to mind.

“I spy with my little eye something ___.”

“Red rover red rover let ___ come over.”

“Red light green light.”

“Combine yellow and red paint to get orange.”

“Combine blue and yellow paint to get green.”

“Make a color toy by collecting ___ items in a child’s ___ pail.

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