Child Cooperation!

Constructive Parenting…

"I need your help picking up the toys so we can play with them again tomorrow!"

Are you tired of telling your child to do this and do that and having him or her not do it? Now there is a new way to get a better response!

Parenting Technique 11 – Make your child feel needed.

Seek your child’s help. Here are some examples of successful ways to implement this technique:

  • “Bryan, I need your help with all these shells. Whenever you pick them up, you always find every last one.”
  • “Catherine, I need your help setting the table. Whenever you put out the silverware and the napkins, I always know where to put the glasses.”
  • “Devon, I need your help changing Ethan’s diaper. Whenever you talk to him, he always stays still.”
Okay, got the pattern? Good. Now are you ready to get too much help?!!




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