Change the environment.

Parenting Technique 24 – Change the environment.

Yes, distracting your child is the name of this game. It works! Often it is the easiest way to nip a difficult situation in the bud. Here are the basics:

* Remove your child from the situation.

* Enrich the present surroundings.

* Remove whatever it is that seems to be causing the trouble.

* Replace the difficulty with something more functional.

For example, your child keeps on trying to get your attention while you are working on a project. One thing you can do is move him or her to a different room to do the same or a different activity. You can also set up your child with paper and crayons and let him or her do a similar activity. You can also stop working for the time being and do another activity that would not be so distracting to your child. You can also set him or her up with a completely different activity.

If all else fails, talk to your child about the situation and figure out together how to set it up so that both of you will feel satisfied.

Constructive Parenting… It only make sense to operate in the most optimal way possible. More often than not, there are several choices related to what you are doing. Once you hit on the right solution, you will feel comfortable. Fighting a situation takes a lot of unnecessary energy. Going with the flow is wonderful. Being free to use all your energy in a productive way is the best!

While swimming up stream is difficult, going with the flow always works well.

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