Be a High Class Language Model!

Technique 73 – Start as early as you can responding vocally to all of your child’s coos, words, phrases, sentences, and important communications.

Children have an inherent propensity to learn language, but they need to learn it from someone and from somewhere, and that most important person is you. Other models could be caregivers, but in many cases they have so many children to care for that they have little time to speak enough in high quality and high quantity to any one child.

According to research, language development is the key to a child’s academic skills. High quality and high quantity language during the developmental years from birth through age 5 is directly correlated with learning success.

Constructive Parenting…

The only way for this high quality and high quantity to evolve is from children’s having excellent language models—their parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Mealtime provides a natural opportunity for much family communication, but as you know, those opportunities are limited.


A child should always say what’s true, and speak when he is spoken to, and behave mannerly at table: At least as far as he is able.

— Robert Louis Stevenson


October! The Month of Positive Energy

More from the Magic Words of Manners…

Welcome; Please Come in; I’m Glad You Came


When you are the host/hostess,

Then your friend becomes your guest.

Play together nicely

And talk and share your best.



At the time of his/her arrival,

When your friend has come to play;

Open up the door for him/her,

And this is what you say,



You both get busy playing

Speaking gently phrase by phrase.

How nice it is to have a friend

To talk in pleasant ways.



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