Baby Play! Six Months to a Year

S and S dancing Jan 2013Parenting Technique 55 – Think “learning” all the time and remember that you are your child’s first and most important teacher.” Part II (See Parenting Technique 54 for background.)

Six to Twelve Months

These months are the time for your baby to get a first glimpse into seeing him or herself as an individual. In addition, your baby is developing comfort and familiarity with his or her environment. During this time your baby will be able to point out different family members. You will also see that he or she can do purposeful interactions with both people and things. Once on the move, your baby will be able to act on his or her curiosity by exploring. A major milestone that takes place during this time will be when your baby will communicate to you that he or she remembers people and objects that are out of sight.

– adapted from Constructive Parenting by Sally Goldberg, pp. 44-45

Parenting Insight…

Now that you know what is going on, go easy on the toy-buying. Respond to your child’s natural play and enjoy the fun. So much of your play will be just with you and others in your family. While play has been around since the beginning of time, manufactured toys are new on the scene.

Emergent Literacy!

Everything you say and do with your baby is making an impact. The more you repeat words and actions, the stronger your impression will be. Remember all the things your mother said and did that you never wanted to repeat… and now you do anyway?

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