Ages 3 – 6 for Action Fun!

Technique 94 – Make the most of the second three years.

Remember that foundation you laid with your child from birth to age three? Remember when everything you said and everything you did was important?

Ages 3 – 6

Welcome now to another new and very important stage of development. While everything you say and do is still important, now is the time to reap the rewards of your labors and enjoy your child even more.

Interaction: Play together in your own creative ways. Read books to learn from and choose stories to enjoy. Build with toys with lots of pieces and design all kinds of intricate structures.

Independence: Foster that in every way you know how. First introduce the tricycle. Next will come the bicycle. Add longer independent walks (with you watching) and some guided explorations.

Social play: Head for the playground whenever you can. Watch for advances of all kinds. The jungle gym is a great place for noticing growth. Playing with balls provides another great source for meeting and getting along well with others.

Self expression: Encourage all kinds of writing and drawing and talk, talk, talk. These beginning skills form the heart of creativity, self-expression, language, and communication ahead.


June! The Month of the Fathers

Great for fathers to know all of this too. Spread the word and share the joy all month long.

~ Dr. Sally 

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