Zoom, vroom, and whoosh!

These are probably all words you have heard connected with your child’s car play. Now is the time to help structure that play into a more meaningful situation.

Activity 31: Car Play

Age Range: 2 Years-Old on…

Area being Developed: Learning

Take out a collection of toy cars that you have for your child. Then set up a pretend roadway. You can make one with two long ribbons. You can also use masking tape. Parallel pieces of yarn winding throughout the room work well too. You can even draw an attractive road system on a large piece of paper. However you choose to set it up, enjoy pretend travel with your child.

Dr. Sally Says…

Buying road systems are great and making them out of connecting blocks is good too, but creating your own “playing field” is what will take this activity to the next higher level.


* Begins understanding spatial relations 

* Begins to show hand dominance 


  1. Jena

    I like Dr. Sally’s home-made road system ideas. In addition, I am a big fan of the fun rugs such as the one pictured. I was even there and in support of that particular one being purchased (on clearance none-the-less). 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Jena for pointing out the “fun rug” shown. That is terrific (and even better on clearance). Without thinking like this, it could end up being just a great decoration. With this new “make-your-own” focus, it can set the stage for all kinds of imaginative play. If you have a few of these rugs, you could rotate them as a way changing toy themes and giving a boost to different types of interesting play.

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