Where is Baby?

playing games with your baby

Playing games with your baby boosts brain development and self esteem!

Dr. Sally Says…

There are five areas of development:

cognitive (learning)

motor (action)

social (personality & character)

language (speaking & listening)

self-esteem (belief in oneself)

Just as a child needs to eat foods from all the food groups, so he or she needs to participate in activities in all five areas.

Just as everyone’s favorite word is his or her own name, so it is for your baby. While many songs and rhymes are appropriate, none will be as interesting to your baby as one with his or her name in it. That personalized touch will add strength to your early bonding. Here is a popular one. You probably know some others.

Activity 3

Where is Baby?

Age Range: Birth to Three Months

Area Being Developed: Social (Personality & Character)

With your baby sitting in your lap, clap your baby’s hands and sing the words below to the tune of Frere Jacques. Use the simple directions given next to each line to aid you in this activity.

Where is Baby _____?

Where is Baby _____?

Here I am. ( Help your baby point to him or herself.)

Here I am (Help your baby point to him or herself.)

How are you today, (Sir or Ms.)?

Very well I thank you.

Raise your right hand. (Raise your baby’s right hand.)
Raise your left hand. (Raise your baby’s left hand.)

Now let’s play!

Now let’s play!

*For more variations of this song, click here.


  • Responds to sound and touch
  • Holds head steady while upright
  • Cuddles when held
  • Responds to voices

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