Welcome Baby!

Dr. Sally Says…

Welcome baby! These are the two words that single-handedly describe this very special time in your baby’s life… birth to three months. Your baby is new here and needs loving attention, respect, and firm but positive guidance. The newest member of your family has just arrived. Unfolding and opening up are literally and figuratively the rules of the road as you continue to introduce your baby to the reality and excitement of the outside world.

This activity is a great way to help your newborn out of the fetal position.

Activity 2

Welcome Baby

Age Range: Birth to Three Months

Area Being Developed: Motor (Action)

Place your baby facing you on a bed or other soft surface. Pat your baby’s arms, legs, and tummy slowly, regularly, and softly. As you feel your baby’s body gradually relax, you can begin more movement. First slowly open and close your baby’s arms across your baby’s chest. Then holding your baby’s knees slowly push your baby’s legs up and down like in a bicycle-like movement. After that you can do a stretching motion by moving your baby’s arms up and down, first both arms together and then each one separately. Continue all of these movements over and over for as long as you both enjoy them.


* Responds to sound and touch


  1. dr. sally

    “New!” is the name of the game for these special months. Amazing changes in growth and development happen every day. Your joy will show, and your baby will benefit from every bit of it.

  2. dr. sally

    Baby and toddler play is so much fun. There will be new information about it each week. “Fun and worthwhile” is the name of the game here. Enjoy!

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