Video Games and Learning

Q. There has been a lot of talk about using the video game concept to create learning materials for schools. Do you think that is really a good idea? Is “virtual” teaching a solid way to get a “real” education?

A. While no one really knows at this point what would be an ideal formula for using media in education, we do have  information, studies, and experts to turn to to try to figure it out. Let us begin together to make sense of all of this.

Teaching and how to make it better…

Here is one interesting spin on this issue. All children are different, and it takes different skills to learn different things. We all learn differently and even perform differently at different times depending on many factors including what our interest level is. There is no one way to teach anything, and there are many different ways to teach almost everything.

Interestingly enough, kids love learning. They are born with curiosity. It is harder to stop them from learning than it is to teach them.

What does that say about “gaming” as a technique? It probably says to use it appropriately, in moderation, and in as economically feasible a way as possible.

Here is how one of our experts Louise Sattler weighed in on this issue.

Video games can be a powerful tool as they do tie in to the “pulse” of the American child who has been exposed to this type of form, especially for entertainment.

While gaming has its’ place and time, in my humble opinion it is to be used as an ancillary tool to hands on activities and cooperative learning. I am not for technology replacing real people when it comes to daily learning and engagement.
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Another one of our specialists Brenda Nixon advises… A little usage could be helpful because individuals have different learning styles and some children with dsylexia do better with a computer.
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July! The Month of Freedom

Necessity is the mother of invention. That leaves you free to be the best teacher you can to your child  and in your own special way. No computer or educational design anywhere can do for your child what you can do as a parent. That may not be the whole answer, but it definitely will make a difference


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