Video and Your Baby!

Dr. Sally Says…

Add a video dimension to your baby’s life to help him or her build a strong and positive self-image. Don’t be surprised if this kind of time together time ends up being a favorite for you both.

Activity 15


Age Range: Nine to 12 Months

Area of Development: Self-esteem

Record your baby when he or she is doing something new. Depending on what equipment you have, use something quick and easy. Keep adding clips as your baby continues to do new things. Watch your recording together right after you take it. Your baby will love this unique kind of attention.

Watch your additive clips together whenever you two have time. You will be thrilled as you see and experience the progress. Your delight will reflect right back to your baby and immediately add to his or her self-concept. Continue the process for as long as you and your baby continue to enjoy it.


Makes word-related sounds

Vocalizes playfully when left on own

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