“The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and a Thing called “LOVE”

As part of the spirit of Earth Day, I ask this question.


Why do we think that it is fine to crash into the moon, land on it with all kinds of moon landers that stay there, and then leave debris like backpacks and other discards all over it?

The moon, just as the sun, and all the stars in the sky play an extremely important and integral role in life here on earth. The sun, moon, and stars are our partners and work together with us day in and day out, everyday, all the time. The moon regulates our tides and even regulates us in many ways. As you know, we are a people of cycles.

Knowing the above, how can we think… and continue to think… that we are not doing any damage to ourselves here on earth by how we treat the moon?

Last but not least, because of the recent upsurge in weather changes plus the dramatic increase in natural disasters and no clear or logical explanation for either or both, how can we not think that what we we are doing, have done, and continue to do to our moon make no difference?

NOTE: Please be assured that we know that moon study is important and that we are well-aware that there are many other parts of our earth and its atmosphere that we have not cared for well either. However, please also take note of our since concern about crashes of all kinds and large amounts of manmade objects left around unnecessarily on one of nature’s biggest, most beautiful, and absolutely amazing creations.

Have fun as you ponder these familiar words from an old song from the 1960’s.

Hear the reference to the “moon up above, the stars in the sky, and a thing called ‘LOVE,” Be reminded of their mystery, the vastness of the universe, and how much respect we need to continue to have for all of them.



(Herb Newman)


Jewel Akens – 1965

Dean Martin – 1966


Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees

And the flowers and the trees

And the moon up above

And a thing called “Love”


Let me tell you ’bout the stars in the sky

And a girl and a guy

And the way they could kiss

On a night like this


When I look into your big brown eyes

It’s so very plain to see

That it’s time you learned about the facts of life

Starting from A to Z


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