The Passover Story for Kids!

As we start the first day of an eight-day holiday, we have 2 questions that children have been asking about this holiday for centuries.

Question 1:

Why do we have to tell the same Passover story over and over again each year?

Answer 1:

It is a story about freedom. The Jewish people were freed from slavery. This was an extremely important event, and everyone needs to know about it and remember it. In addition, everyone who hears this story should be reminded to continue working for freedom, both to keep it and also to help others who don’t have it.

Question 2:

Why can’t we just describe the gist of this story each year instead of going through all the details?

Answer 2:

This story is the first record in history of a people winning freedom, and it is a powerful story. By actually telling it, the idea is for every person participating to feel as if he or she were actually going through it. This experiential quality is meant to truly remind us each year about what really happened and to be able to teach us well that slavery of any kind should never be allowed to happen to anyone… anywhere.

NOTE: Today is the first day of the Passover holiday (not the second) because all Jewish holidays start on the evening before.

April! the Month of Volunteering

“I hope that when my life ends,

I would have added

a little beauty, perception, 

and quality for those

who follow.”

~ Jacob Lawrence

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  1. Using the Passover story as a teaching about peace, empathy and caring about others who are suffering on our planet makes it even more powerful, regardless of your religious affiliation. It’s a story children can grasp and learn from.

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