Teen Clothes for the Ex-Amish

Being an Ex-Amish is not so easy!

Brenda, so many people have taken a big interest in the very special work you do with the ex-Amish. Talk to almost any teen about modern American life, and most will say it is not so easy. Talk to an ex-Amish teen, and they will tell you about even more difficulties.

Here is my newest question to you Brenda about helping these young people adjust to modern American life.

Q from Dr. Sally: What  would you consider a top priority for lending a hand?

A from Brenda Nixon: Clothing and housing 

When it comes to helping, don’t forget to ask if he/she needs clothing or housing. Most of the ones I know left with two immediate goals: cut their hair and go to Walmart for English clothes. But, as you know, clothing isn’t a one-time purchase; most will need a growing wardrobe. Since their clothing was always dictated and they had no freedom of choice, they may not know what they like or dislike.

I found this true with 18-year-old Marvin when I bought a shirt for him. He was grateful but wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The bold colors and patterns were unfamiliar and counter-cultural. No offense was taken, it was just another move up the learning curve. Days later, Marvin told me he liked the shirt I gave him because two other teens said they liked it. I guess he needed some validation to his tastes.

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