Stacking Up

Dr. Sally Says…

Drs. Mom and Dad – That’s You!

Remember, you are the real specialists of your child. With a year of parenting behind you, you probably have built up quite a lot of confidence. Let it show. The more you say what you mean and mean what you say, the more your toddler will heed you.

Stacking Up

Age Range: One year

Area Being Developed: Fine Motor (Hand and Finger Activities)

Stacking makes a nice activity you and your toddler can do almost anywhere–and with almost any group of easy-to-handle items like single serving cereal boxes, paper cups in different sizes, measuring cups, small or mini plastic containers, and bars of soap. You may have other ideas. Set up your items of choice on a table or comfortable spot on the floor. Then start taking turns. Have fun as you and your toddler create your play.


Uses trial and error approach 

Uses an object purposefully 

Imitates new actions 

Manipulates small objects 

Stacks About two blocks or similar objects 

Follows simple directions 

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