Soothing Sounds!

Tambourine Activity 42: Soothing Sounds!

Age Range: Newborn and up…

Area being Developed: Language… Listening and Responding

Collect as many sources of soothing sounds as you can. Here are some suggestions: Music boxes, bells, a glass with a spoon for clinking, two blocks to rub or bang together, a rattle, a flat wooden stick to rub on a paper plate, a sealed plastic container with paper clips or uncooked rice or noodles, a bottle cap that clicks when pushed in and out, a kitchen timer, and any other related items of your own.

Allow your baby to hear a sound from one of the items. He or she will probably respond with a vocalization of delight. Respond back with the same or similar one. Then try another soothing sound item. You can repeat the same sound over and over or keep changing it. A variety of sounds will probably make your play more fun.

About the Play:  Soothing sounds encourage vocalizations. They also add to a calm and peaceful environment for your baby.


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