Simon Says, “Keep up the Great Work!”

IMG_0768Activity 58 – Simon Says

Age Range – Preschool and Up

Areas Being Developed – Motor Skills and Following Directions

Take turns being “Simon.” You can start. Give your child interesting and fun directions to follow. Start each direction with the words “Simon Says.” Explain to your child that when you say “Simon says” it is okay for him or her to follow the direction. Then explain that when you do not say “Simon says,” it is not okay to follow the direction. Have fun with the whole idea of saying or not saying “Simon says.” With just the two of you, play as long as you both want and have fun alternating roles. When play involves more people, the strategy changes a little. If a player follows the direction without having “Simon says” in front of the direction, he or she is out. With a group of players, the last one to be left in the game is “Simon” for the next round.


Just as with “Mother, May I” described in the tip before last, this game is excellent for training in following directions. It is also great for practice in many areas of yours or your child’s interests. One child might benefit from being asked to move in different ways, and others might get more out of directions that require precision and concentration. Still others, including groups of children, might just love participating in this kind of hands-on interactive play.

In today’s day and age, where new and different is “the name of the game,” (no pun intended), it is wonderful to be reminded of the many old-time childhood activities that have all kinds of opportunities for skill development build right into the heart of the play.

Ideas of March!

Forget about “Simon.” Have your child make up another name, or use your child’s name.

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