September! Make Senses of It this Fall!

It is never too early to think about the fives senses and focus on them with your little one.

Sight: The turning leaves are a natural. They come in all colors, are plentiful in most places, and are safe.

Sound: Back to the leaves again. Crunch them up and step on piles of them. Listen to them fall.

Taste: Apples are major at this time of year. They are in their absolute healthiest state, and they can be prepared in all different ways. Here are some starters: baked with the core removed, dipped in honey, as apple sauce, in pies, as cobblers, and as the very popular apple crisp.

Touch: Old fashioned pumpkin carving is a natural. You have the hard, outer part, the soft inner fill, and the gooey seeds.

Smell: Your oven will speak for itself. Colder weather brings about warmer foods. Ohhh, those aromas!

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