Seek and you shall find!

Activity 28: Hidden Fun!

Age Range: 18 Months on… (Older Toddler)

Area Being Developed: Social (Personality & Character)

When your child is older, plan a nature scavenger hunt and find objects that can later be used during craft time!

Go around the house and collect some fun items to hide.  Here are some suggestions:  Balls, slippers, books, crayons, and napkins.  You might think of other safe, durable, interesting objects as well. Hide each of the objects with a small part showing. Then ask your little one to find them. You can offer as many hints as you want.

Another idea is to hide a kitchen timer or a music box. For those objects you can keep them completely covered and allow their sounds to provide the necessary clues. Your child will think it is great fun to follow the sound–getting louder when he or she gets closer and getting lower when going farther way.

Dr. Sally Says… Surprises are fun at any age. Adults love them too. When you play with your child in a way that you think is fun, the play ends up being even better.

NOTE: If your child is old enough, be sure to let him or her hide some items for you to find!



* Moves around an obstacle if necessary 

* Plays simple games 



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