See it, Hear it, Explain it!

Dr. Sally Says…

Did you hear any sounds that seemed like words? I bet you did! This is a time your child is getting ready to speak.

“What’s that, daddy?” he wonders. Take a moment to explain!

Full-blown talking will soon be on the way. Right now your baby is absorbing as many vocabulary words as possible. The best way to speed along the process is to keep talking.

Activity 14

See it, Hear it, Explain it

Age Range: Six to Nine Months

Area Being Developed: Language (Speaking & Listening)

Whenever you find it convenient, explain what you are doing to your baby.  If you are cooking, you can talk about each step of the way.  If you are dressing your baby, you can describe each part of that process. The more words and details you add to each explanation, the more successful the vocabulary-building process will be.


* Responds to rhythm and vocalizations

* Says “mama” and “dada” with meaning

* Says many different sounds

* Says some sounds that communicate like words

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