Recycle Bin

Dr. Sally Says…

Fill baskets with bright colors and let the PLAY begin!

Capability and purpose are what you will see.  With increased skills in every area, your baby can now act on his or her environment.

Just as what you put in your recycle bin will change from week to week, so will the way your baby will play. Go to your recycle bin and look for safe items that your baby can hold.  Stick with plastic or soft items only. Eliminate cans because they might have sharp edges. Leave out glass because it could break. Don’t use Styrofoam because your baby could chew on it. If you find any plastic items with sharp edges, take those away too.

Activity 11 

Recycle Bin

Age Range: Six to Nine Months

Area being Developed: Cognitive (Learning)

After you take out all the items from the bin that are not safe or appropriate for your baby, have fun with what is left. There are so many different ways for you and your baby to play. Here are a few suggestions:

Take out all the items and set them up in different ways.

Let your baby take out one item at a time.

You take out the items one at a time.

Pour out all the safe items and then let the play evolve between the two of you.  Stack whatever you want to stack. Open whatever you want to open. Then experiment with play in new and different ways!


* Begins to develop concepts like in and out and up and down

* Performs actions in order to get a result

* Puts objects in a container

* Puts down one object to reach for another

* Hands objects to another person

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