Push & Pull

Via Toy R Us

Activity 27: Push and Pull!

Age Range: 18 Months on… (Older Toddler)

Area Being Developed: Motor (Activity)

Take out the push and pull toys and then sit back, relax, and watch the action. But… be prepared to move a little too. What might start off as slow walking right in front of you might soon turn to fast walking and even beginning running.

Dr. Sally Says… Push toys have a firm handle for pushing, and pull toys are the ones with strings or some other ribbon-like attachment. While you will be able to find many of each of these at your local toy store, you can also make your own pretty easily. A firm twig from outside and some string or ribbon from inside can go a long way.


* Uses a push or pull toy 

* Walks fast

* Begins to run 

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