Pulling Up to Sit!

Dr. Sally Says…

Talk about exploring! After being in a lying down position for such a long time, imagine your baby’s delight in being able to sit up and see new and different things! Wow! Let’s have some fun with sitting!

This is a pull- up-to-sit activity. Hold on and support your baby as much as is needed. In time you baby will be able to sit on his or her own.

Copyright Dr. Sally Goldberg.

Activity 7

Pulling Up to Sit

Age Range: Three to Six Months

Area of Development: Motor (Action)

Have your baby lie down facing you on a soft carpet or bed.  Then as your baby grasps your hands, pull him or her slowly to a sitting position.  After that you can lie your baby back down and begin again.  Keep this activity going for as long as you both enjoy it.


* Sits Supported

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