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peek-a-booAs you read, sing, and talk to your baby, you will delight in your baby’s new level of understanding. Three to six months is a fabulous time of responses. Believe it or not, you will notice your baby’s own perceptions of loud, soft, big, small, near, far, and many more subtleties. Your baby has a home now! With all of its happenings, that will be his or her familiar and secure place. With that comfort established, there is no stopping him or her now. Ready or not, your baby is about to begin the life-long process of exploration.

Exploring by sight is what this well-known game is all about.  Since your baby will follow you and various objects until they go out of sight, this game is a natural.

Activity 6


Age Range: Three to six months

Area being Developed: Cognitive (Learning) 

First collect some interesting items like a small paper cup, spoon, small box, handkerchief, rattle, and a small ball.  Then take a wash cloth and cover up each item one at a time. Every time you cover an object, you might say something like, “Where is the…?”  Then each time after waiting a few seconds, remove the wash cloth and say something like, “Here it is


* Is attracted to people more than objects

* Recognizes familiar objects by name

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