October Play! Outside

Activity 46: Nature and Not*

Age Range: Preschool and Up

Area Being Developed: Pre-Science, Earth Science

Take advantage of the invigorating fall weather and go outside with your child. Stay in a nearby place like your own backyard or go to a neighborhood park for even more fun.

Once you are set, take turns finding objects. They could be products of nature like stones, twigs, or some grass; or they could be man-made like a bicycle or a car.

As you choose an item, say something like, “I found a leaf. It is from nature.”  Or “I found a shoe. It is man-made.” Help your child as much or as little as is needed to understand the difference.

* Excerpted from Make Your Own Preschool Games by Sally Goldberg, Ph.D., p. 31

NOTE: Hold on to this tip for the month of October. Watch for a whole new look of tips beginning November 1st.

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