Now You Do It!

I have fun making a craft. Now you can do it, too!

Your little one will enjoy imitating you… and love learning at the same time.

Activity 33: Imitation

Age Range: 2 Years-Old on…

Area being Developed: Social (Personality & Character)

Have fun thinking up fun actions that your child will enjoy! Here are some tried and tested favorites:

  • I clap my hands. Now you do it.
  • I pat my head. Now you do it.

After you have done several of these playful actions, switch to pretending ideas. Here are some examples:

  • I sweep the floor. Now you do it.
  • I dust the table. Now you do it.



* Imitates body gestures

* Imitates new actions

* Imitates household activities

* Follows simple directions

* Helps with household tasks


Dr. Sally Says… As you continue to play this game you will see more and more the meaning of that famous parenting phrase, “You are your child’s first and most important teacher.” Even when you are not consciously teaching or even meaning to teach, you are. Your modeling means the world to your child!



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