November! Enjoying Fall in a Thankful Way!

1. Take a Thankful Walk

Walk hand and hand with your child and enjoy an amazing conversation. This kind of walk is different from the usual ones you take when you go quickly with your child from place to place. This time the walk is leisurely. Go slowly and point out beautiful fall colors as you see them.  Say “thank you” for each one and then… let the conversation flow.

2. Make a Fall and Thanksgiving Word Book

Buy a little spiral-bound index card notebook or another kind of writing book that your child would like. Then each day or every few days ask your child for a favorite fall or Thanksgiving word to write in it, one per page. Even if your child is too young to read, he or she will love to have a book of these words to carry around and show to others. Here are examples : Thanksgiving, Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Thankfulness, Family Time and so many more. Exposure to the words, letters, and your pronunciation make a wonderful way to model clear speech, build reading skills, and demonstrate writing techniques.

The Chinese Touch! They are a culture of “thank you.” One of the wonderful sites to visit is the Temple of Heaven. As an important and beautiful structure that remains from the days of antiquity, we learn that people came there three times a year to pray. In the spring it was for rain. In the summer it was for the harvest. At the winter solstice, it was to give thanks for the crops. {I recently spent time in China. I will be sharing tips with you, over the next few weeks, based on what I saw and learned!}

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