November Baby Fun!

Dr. Sally Says…

Reading to babies is wonderful. Reading to them with rhyming words is even better. Reading to them by doing actions is the best!  It is a little like the old saying “People remember 10% of what they hear, 50% of what they see, and 90% of what they experience.”

Baby’s First Poem

Enjoy the words here. You can also find them on p. 60 in Baby and Toddler Learning Fun.

As you say the words, do the motions gently with your baby.


One plus one equals two.  (Show with your fingers.)

Two plus two equals four.  (Show with your fingers.)

Right now I don’t know anymore.


I can stand up.  (Move baby up.)

I can sit down.  (Move baby down.)

I can move my whole self all around.  (Move baby gently in a small circle.)


I can raise my right hand.  (Raise baby’s right hand.)

I can raise my left hand too.  (Raise baby’s left hand.)

That’s not all that I can do!


I can raise my right foot.  (Raise baby’s right foot.)

I can raise my left foot.  (Raise baby’s left foot.)

I can touch my toes,  (Touch baby’s toes.)

And I can touch my nose.  (Touch baby’s nose.)


I can clap my hands,  (Clap baby’s hands.)

Pat my head,  (Pat baby’s head.)

Cover my eyes,  (Cover baby’s eyes.)

And play peek-a-boo.  (Uncover baby’s eyes.)


That’s a lot that I can do!

I wave “Hi,”  (Direct baby’s hands.)

But now I say, “Bye-bye.”  (Direct baby’s hands.)

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