New Internet TV/Radio Show about Divorce!

RozDo you have a question about divorce? If so, here is some very information.

Imagine what the day might be like when you find out that you will be hosting, or co-hosting, a TV or radio show! One of our specialists actually knows.

Rosalind Sedacca, known as the “Voice of Child-Centered Divorce,” has teamed up with Joanie Winberg to become a co-host of The Divorce View Talk Show, an internet TV/radio show. This program airs weekly every Wednesday at 6:00 pm ET and is archived permanently at

Please feel free to check out what is going on there… and then spread the word!

Here is the link to a new press release all about the show: New Divorce View Talk Show

Got a question that you would like Rosalind and Joanie to discuss on the show? If so please e-mail them at If you believe you have a great topic idea, please contact them as well. All themes related to getting divorced, divorce and parenting, dating after divorce and everything in between are applicable.

Congratulations Rosalind and Joanie! Good luck and enjoy this new and wonderful opportunity.

NOTE: Join them live tomorrow Wednesday June 25th at 6:00 pm ET on this link. 

or watch all shows at:

~ Dr. Sally


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  1. I’m just so grateful to Dr. Sally for her kind endorsement of our new Divorce View Talk Show. We’re here for you and those you know who are divorcing or dealing with the aftermath of divorce. And for those who are parents, as you are all aware, the challenges that come with divorce are more complex and significant. Parents have a huge responsibility when divorcing and there are many detours that can set you off track. Joanie Winberg and I will be providing expert advice, based on talks with a great roster of divorce professionals, to help in every facet of divorce, parenting and moving on into new relationships. Your questions and comments are encouraged!

    Hope to see you all on the Show at Dr. Sally will send out the link to attend this week LIVE! It’sat 6:00 pm ET on Wednesday via Google Hangouts.Join us!

    Thanks again, Dr. Sally!

    Rosalind Sedacca
    The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

  2. Thanks for sharing this resource, Sally. This sure could have helped me, over the years! I was divorced many years ago and I’m now happily remarried (8 years running). It was a bumpy road at first, though, after my divorce. I really struggled to keep it a “child centered situation.” That is not easy although… very necessary, yes. Thanks to Rosalind for helping parents remained focused and mature! 😉

  3. Hi Rosalind and Shara,

    You both do wonderful work to help parents. Ask any mom or dad, from the one with the most resources to one with the very least, and just about all will agree that being a parent is very very hard. My favorite part is that no matter the challenge, the parent reaches for the stars and does sometimes superhuman things to help his or her child. Given all that, throw in a child with a special situation and/or a divorce! Wow! Guidance, good ideas, tricks of the trade, child-centered advice; each one is an absolute must.

    Thank you Rosalind and Shara for the information you each provide, totally independently of each other and in very different ways.

  4. Congratulations Rosalind!

    I’m so happy you now have an opportunity to reach more people in the divorce process who need help learning how to move on and live a healthier life.

    I’m confident you’ll do a terrific job in your new career as a radio show host.

    I wish you and Joanie the best of luck with the new radio show!


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