Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Dr. Sally Says…

You know how you are busy every minute looking at your baby. Guess what! Your baby is busy every minute looking at you! Very soon, if not already, your baby will imitate you and even start to make some of your sounds.

Creativity is at the heart of this kind of play.  Each time you look in the mirror together, you will probably think of something new and different to do.

Activity 8 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Age Range: Three to six months

Area Being Developed: (Listening & Speaking)

Take your baby over to a convenient mirror.  Be sure you are both in a comfortable position.  When you both see yourselves clearly in the mirror, point to your baby and ask “Who is that?” Then when you are both ready, embellish the activity with actions that will encourage imitation.  You might want to nod your head, make a clucking sound, tap your feet, or clap your hands.  You two will probably keep giving each other new ideas.


  • Looks, reaches and grasps at the same time
  • Imitates actions
  • Imitates sounds


  1. Jay

    I really like this idea! I might add that you can practice saying nice, positive things to each other in the mirror. I think this will also foster positive self esteem… for both of you! “Look at the handsome boy. See how pretty mommy is?” “Good job at clapping. See how proud you looked when you did that?” “Smiling spreads love.”

  2. Victor

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