May! Happy Mother’s Day

Here is a question that few people ask.


Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? Few ask it because we know the answer.


It is our time to show appreciation to all mothers because all of them work hard day in and day out on behalf of their children.

Another Answer that Many Do Not Know:

It was originally created in 1907 to show appreciation to mothers who lost their sons in war.


While it is important to recognize this history, it is just as important today to continue to do what we do. It is fine that we have grown from a holiday of sadness to one of joy.

Most important is that we all do our best this Sunday to extend our appreciation to mothers everywhere. Whether you are expecting a baby, just became a mother, have been a mother for a long time, or even have just become a grandmother, take some time this Mother’s Day to give your appreciation to your mother or any other mother who means the world to you. I can guarantee you that whoever gets your good wishes will cherish them.

And, at the same time… Do not forget to take a moment or two, or as much as you can, to extend your memorial thoughts to all those mothers who have lost children to war, disease, or other unfortunate circumstances.

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