May 1st! May Day!

May Day is celebrated around the world on May 1st. It is considered to be just the right time to welcome spring in all its glory.

Tradition: On the night before, children danced in the moonlit woods. On May 1st they gathered flowers and danced around the Maypole. The pole was the tallest and slimmest tree in the woods that they could carry back with them to the village.

Treat your little one to your own version of a May Day celebration. Here are some start-up ideas:

  • Find pretty spring flowers and collect them in a pail.
  • Use pretty flowers to make a table centerpiece.
  • Make some pretty tissue paper flowers.
  • Decide together which is your tallest and slimmest tree.
  • Dance together around your selected tree.
  • Make up a fun rhyme as you dance.
Here’s a fun rhyme already made up!

Round and round the pole we go.

First it’s to the right.

Next we make a ribbon bow.

Then we make it tight!


Round and round the pole we go.

Then the other way.

Now we see our ribbon bow.

And sing and dance and play!





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