March! The Ideas of March

st_patricks_dayMarch! The Ideas of March

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this new theme for the month of March. From now on you will see it featured in one way or another on every tip. Take away the “a” from the word “ideas” and you get the famous day known to us as the Ides. With all the exciting things happening this month, make it your month to celebrate all that is going on in new and creative ways. Please feel free to share your new “ideas.”

I will start by providing the list I know of for holidays and special days this year in March. Maybe you know of others. If so, please tell us. If you have a great celebration photo from any day, please send that in to main office @ mommy perks dot com, and we will post that too. If you have a “great idea” that worked for you and your family this month and want to tell us about that, we will take it from there.

Okay… here are the basics:

March 10 – 2:00 am begins daylight savings time (spring ahead)

March 15 – Ides of March

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day

March 20 – First day of spring

March 26 – First day of Passover

March 29 – Good Friday

March 31 – Easter Sunday

March on… March to the beat of your own drum… March, march, march!

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