Making Paste

Activity 45: Paste-a-Pasta

Age Range: Preschool and Up

Area Being Developed: Pre-Science, Understanding Matter

Put some flour on a paper plate. A quarter cup is a good amount for starting. Then add water slowly. Again, a quarter cup should work well. Use a spoon to mix it until it becomes the consistency of paste. Taking into account your child’s age and experience, guide him or her to participate as much as possible. Then go ahead and set up a pasting activity. Have several pieces of colored paper ready and some pasta pieces of any shape. Have fun pasting!


From the pre-science perspective, you are teaching your child that you can mix certain materials together to get other materials.

From the twenty first century world of technology point of view, you are showing your child that a common substance like paste that people so often buy is really made up of simply combined substances.

In our world of instant,and ready-made, making something with your child as basic as paste should prove to be an amazingly valuable experience. Enjoy!

NOTE: Tip excerpted from Make Your Own Preschool Games by Sally Goldberg, Ph.D.


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