Make an “I Like…!” Book

I like to read!

Activity 29: I Like…!

Age Range: 18 Months on… (Older Toddler)

Area Being Developed: Language (Reading, Speaking & Understanding)

I Like…!

Make a book with the title “I Like…”  On each right-hand page place a photo of your child doing something he or she likes.  On each left-hand page write on an index card a simple sentence describing the activity.  Here are some examples:

  • I like to swim.
  • I like to read.
  • I like to play.

Dr. Sally Says…

It is so easy to take a 4” x 6” photo album and turn it into a great book for your child. Here are some other kinds of books that you can make: My Trip, My Birthday Party, My Family, and My Friends. Children like many books that you buy, but they love ones you make with personalized photos!



Uses words from memory

Imitates phrases 

Has a 50 to 300 word vocabulary 

Puts two to three words together 

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