Look at Me. What do you see?

Activity 34: Look at Me!

Age Range: 2-Years-Old on…

Area being Developed: Self-esteem

Here is a game to play that will make everybody feel good. Start with teaching this little rhyme to your child.

“Look at me. What do you see?”  That’s it! Once your child masters that, you are ready to begin. Answer your child with whatever you like. For example,

  • A happy face
  • A pink dress
  • Blonde hair

Take your turn too. Point to different parts of your body and clothes and encourage responses from your child. Have fun playing with these sentences over and over.

Dr. Sally Says…

You can play this little game in any location–home, waiting in a doctor’s office, on line in a store, etc. It represents positive attention at its best. Enjoy!


* Names some objects

* Follows simple directions

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