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Cynthia Goldberg

Today’s Q & A comes to us from another one of our specialists, Cynthia Goldberg. I asked her a question about overcoming a particular challenge, and here is what she said.

Question: What was it like to move away from a protected community to an apartment on your own?

Answer: When I moved from a supported living community to my own apartment, I had many struggles to get myself where I am now. I had to face my fears of living on my own. Part of me thought that I wasn’t ready, but I had to try a new way to keep me learning and inspired and to lift my spirits. To keep myself positive, I focused on the positives. I faced my fears, and now I am able to be more of myself.  And it was better than I thought it might be. I kept some of my old connections to friends and added some new connections.  I still have my important friends, and I have new friends now too, like a new community that I am an important part of. I still work for the bookshop that sells my books and cards where I still learn new things. Sometimes facing the challenges of new things is hard for me, but I have been learning to use positive thinking methods to achieve my goals. The important thing is that I am willing to keep myself growing and growing and to keep myself happy inside and out. Being in the Kiwanis Club where I live is helping me to be a good member of my community and to reach out to help others. Playing different sports has taught me how to be a good team player. My new life is almost like being on my basketball team, where there is lots of support. I am creating a life the way I want it to be….a new circle of life.

Please feel free to contact Cynthia on her website at or leave her a comment or a question right here.

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  1. Getting over you fear is usually the first step to self liberation. Once you have gotten pass that you begin to build confidence ,yes I can do this. Keep staying strong and you have a great support system. You are doing great.

  2. Community support is such a valuable component of a happy life. So glad you are taking advantage of the resources around you and that they are benefiting for your kind, loving nature.Wishing you much success and happiness ahead!

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    Here is a nice comment that you just got from your Aunt Betty. She sounds very proud of you.

    I am very impressed by how well you are adapting, how you have thought about what it means to live independently and what you have to do to make it happen successfully. You are a very impressive woman who has the courage and the drive to make your situation a successful one.

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