June! The Month of the Fathers

As the Month of the Mothers has just ended, the Month of the Fathers has now arrived. Probably you already know this, but just to confirm

Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day.

Here is some supporting information:

Sonora Louise Smart Dodd was the woman in the early 1900’s who got the idea. Her dad, a Civil War veteran, had raised her and five other children because her mother had died in child birth… not so easy! Because of her own experience and realizing about the wonderful work that all fathers do, she decided to figure out a way to honor fathers.

Luckily knowing what Anna Jarvis had done to get acceptance for Mother’s Day and that Anna’s very big struggle to create such a day really did pay off, she decided it was her destiny to do whatever she could to design a special day to honor fathers… and she did! By 1913 she was able to see her idea turned into an official holiday.

Thank you Sonora, and thank you Anna too!


June! The Month of the Fathers

As with Mother’s Day, do all you can to prepare this month for that one special day of Father’s Day appreciation. However, don’t stop there. Go ahead and preserve that spirit all month long.

Happy Father’s Day to you and your family… today, tomorrow, and all month long!

~ Dr. Sally

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  1. As a Divorce & Parenting Coach I have a thought to share in honor of Fathers.

    Thankfully more and more Dads are stepping up and desiring to share custody of their children following a divorce. Cooperative co-parenting results in raising children who learn lessons about effective communication and ways to overcome obstacles in life without disrespecting others. We salute fathers who love and want to protect their children, but do it without negatively impacting their former spouse. Obviously when Dads and Moms behave this way, their children are the winners!

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