July 4th! Q & A for Children


Why do we celebrate July 4?


On July 4,1776 the American colonies became a country on their own, separate from Great Britain. Knowing they were capable of taking care of their own matters, that was the date they declared their independence.


Is that something like when children grow up?


Yes, it is a lot like that. When children reach a point where they take can charge of themselves and feel capable of living on their own, they change to a more responsible level of living known as independence.

Parenting Insight…

For about 18 years you and your child work together in the process of giving him or her more responsibility. Little by little, you teach your child different skills, and little by little he or she learns them. All along your child is gaining independence.

As you know, growing up is difficult. Therefore, as you celebrate our nation’s independence this year, take time out also to celebrate your child’s. No matter how far along he or she is in the process, enjoy all the new and wonderful things your child is doing. Celebrate well your partnership and all you two have accomplished together.

July! The Month of Freedom

I hope you will reap the rewards of this unique holiday message all month long.

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