Juice: Yes or No and What Kind?

Question: My baby just turned one. We have just given up formula, and we are now starting completely on solid food. My concern is about drinks, what exactly to offer besides milk. I know that water is fine. However, I am really not sure about juice. There has been so much information everywhere you turn about how bad it is for children. What do you suggest?

~ Confused Mom

Answer: Hi Confused Mom. I totally understand your confusion. I still get a little confused myself about all of this. Juice sounds like the perfect solution but in reality turns out not to be nutritious. Most of what is available today as juice is not juice at all and is just some combination of chemicals with a small percentage of juice added.

Therefore, here is the best way I can think of to answer the question.

  • Make water the main drink in addition to milk.


  • Add lemon or lime to the water to make it more flavorful.


  • Offer juices that have no chemicals of any kind. These are hard to find, but not impossible. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and other specialty grocery stores are all possible places. You may know others.

Here is some more reassuring information. All fruits and vegetables have a lot of water in them. Eating those even without a drink will provide good sources of water. Because these particular foods have so much water, drinking large amounts of water and pure juices can be kept to a minimum. This is a tricky subject, but I hope I have relaxed you. Read all juice box and juice bottle labels carefully. Whenever possible offer the water or water and lemon or lime choices.

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  1. Hi Confused Mom. I do understand that we can be confused with all the information that is available. Don’t worry because there are wonderful experts at Dr. Sally’s tip corner that will help you to sort the information and allow you to see clearly.

    The best thing to do is purchase a blender and make a smoothie for your baby. Use the the liquefy button that is on it. Make it thin. This way she will enjoy it. It should not be too cold either. You can do combinations. For example: Bananas and mango, you can also purchase a bag of frozen fruits or purchase the fresh fruits, cut them, and put them in your freezer in small amounts. Smoothies cannot stay for a long time. They must be used within a short time after they are made. Your baby will be getting her fruit intake along with the nutrients that she needs. Apple cider is also good for your baby.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

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