Job Title: Parent!


My play group is having a “Mom’s Night Out” party next week. We all work part-time and are “stay-at-home” moms for our other part-time job. We are all supposed to come prepared to read our 50 – 75 word “job descriptions” for both of our jobs. I sell a line of specialty jewelry, and I am all ready with that description, but I am stuck on my one for being a parent. I  know I do that job 24/7 and give my heart and soul to it every minute, but I haven’t got a clue for how to capture that one in such few words. It’s like I can’t see the forest through the trees, and that is making me crazy. Can you help?


Oh my! I would love to try my hand at that one. Here goes… I hope this helps.


Job Title: Parent

Description: Through nurturing and love to raise a baby from a dependent state to that of being a responsible contributing member of society.

Daily Activities: Be your child’s first and most important teacher related to learning about the world, manners, behavior, and responsibility. Instill in your child high quality values. Function on a daily basis as a loving, capable and committed family leader.

There’s an old saying that makes a world of sense here. “You can’t get there unless you know where you are going!” Have a great night out.

October! The Month of Positive Energy

From The Magic Words of Manners…



Ask for what you want when there.

It’s you who came to play.

Treat this house with great respect.

It is the proper way.


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  1. HI
    great question:) well done sally, I am not sure any of us could really do it justice!!

    Job description
    Growing loving, passionate, compassionate, independent , happy self aware, playful kids.

    daily activities
    Being a calm, loving, passionate, compassionate, self aware, playful, in the moment parent

  2. Loved your answer, Sally. Parenting is not a job. It’s a passion and a calling that demands dedication and delivers back love along with the rewards of seeing the being you’ve raised grow into a contributing citizen of the world. It’s filled with surprises and challenges, but can be the most rewarding endeavor in anyone’s life..

  3. Rosalind, I think you captured the problem for this mom. It is very hard to write a “job description” for something that is a “passion” or a “calling.” However, given that, you also zeroed in on the “end goal,” which is very important to keep in mind as you guide, support, and teach your little one daily. Good thought about “surprises.” Most other jobs don’t come with those.

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