January 1! Some New Year Fun

Begin the year today in your very own way!

Nothing like a fresh start to clear out the old year and ring in the new.

There are seven days in a week. Make a list for each member of your family for today and the rest of the week. Then fill is each day with something new. Design it for your little one, but let your older child help you with theirs.

Have a fun commitment from each member of your family to enjoy their new way of doing something, change in routine, or whatever is decided. Bask in the glory of “New Year” and see where your creativity takes you.

Here is my friend Amy’s list for Lilli, her five-year-old.

January 1 – Tuesday

Eat cereal for breakfast instead of a Pop Tart.

January 2 – Wednesday

Complete five real Tangram designs instead of using the iPhone app.

January 3 – Thursday

Build a fun city with a big set of blocks.

January 4 – Friday

Run around the yard four times.

January 5 – Saturday

Sing a favorite song to the whole family.

January 6 – Sunday

Make a pretty centerpiece for the family meal.

January 7 – Monday

Choose one of the six new things from the week and do it again.

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